Who is Dior?! What is Dior?!

Christian Dior (1905 – 1957) was a French fashion designer, the founder of “Christian Dior” (often referred to as just “Dior“), one of the world’s high fashion houses. Fashion house Dior is now owned by Groupe Arnault.

Dior’s success is based on the innovation of both his designs and his business practices. He became the most successful fashion designer in the world. His designs have been worn by film stars and royalty, and his company continues to operate at the forefront of the fashion industry.

Christian Dior was instrumental in commercializing Parisian fashion on a worldwide basis and in regaining for Parisian couturiers the ground that had temporarily been lost to American designers.

Dior was absolutely the right man in the right place at the right time. He gave back glamour and beauty to women starved of both during the war. Christian made it possible for all women to be fashionable. He was admired by contemporaries such as Balmain and Balenciaga, despised by Chanel and copied by designers everywhere.

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Written by ArtExploit